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With its open kitchen, industrial architectural elements and light streaming in through the bank of windows, Cumulus Inc. is somewhere to gather, talk and eat at any time of day. And the food fits like a glove, starting with the perfect breakfast and ending with a late-night charcuterie plate.

Based around the ebb and flow of a day at Cumulus, Andrew McConnell’s first book gathers his recipes for the signature dishes that keep people coming back for more. This is food for the way we eat now.

Signed copies are available through Cumulus Inc. for $59.95. To purchase, please call Cumulus Inc. +61 3 9650 1445 or email your enquiry. 



28 suppliers, 89 receipes, 26 cooks.
"The story of Supernormal is a story about what I like to eat and cook. It's about cooking in Hong Kong and Shanghai and the confident simplicity of Japanese food. It's about the irresistible lure of dumplings and tonkatsu, the comforting serenity or ramen, the bracing kick of kimchi and pickles, the addictive qualities of pipis and xo. It's about midnight snacks and lunchtime feasting. It's about watching flavours from Asia, Europe and Australia play nicely together and, of course, it's about celebrating the shared table and eating well."  - Andrew McConnell 

Signed copies are available through Supernormal for $60.00 To purchase, please call Supernormal +61 3 9419 4888 or email your enquiry.